What can you expect in your reading?  

This is an easy, comfortable exchange between us.  

It's a conversation that will unfold in a way that

illuminates information that is relevant for you.  

Guides, Loved Ones, Beloved Pets, Angelic Beings,

Ascended Masters have all been known to

come through to offer their healing light and wisdom.  

Some clients report a sense of being uplifted and excited

while others express much needed peace, healing and comfort.

 The key is to trust that you are supported by your family in spirit

in each and every moment, and the insights you receive may continue 

to reveal their meaning in the following days, weeks, even months to come.


What I can suggest with great confidence, is that absolutely nobody is offering you judgement from the other side.  The perspective that we gain when we transition to non-physical is not filtered through the distorted lense of our human mind. 

LOVE is always at the heart of a reading, and it flows without conditions.   

There is truly nothing to fear as you are embraced

by those who support you across time and space. 

Love is truly all there is.

Readings are offered in person at MarlboroughWellnessCenter.
Group readings are available in person upon request.

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